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The Lie That Justifies Mass Murder: “Hamas Hit Us First”

Charles E. Carlson  Jan 01, 2008

“The rhythm of life in Gaza sees civilians, fighters, Brigades leaders and their children walking the same streets, working in the same buildings and searching the same hospitals for the bodies of their dead. All are likely to come under fire as Israel continues to go after “Hamas assets” in the Gaza Strip.”  Ma’an News Agency–Bethlehem.  PDF file:

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Obama Offers Israel Nuclear Umbrella Against Iranian Attack

Middle East Times | December 15, 2008 | By MEL FRYKBERG

JERUSALEM – U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has offered Israel a “nuclear umbrella” to protect it against a possible nuclear attack by Iran, according to sources in the pending U.S. administration that were quoted off record.

This follows U.S. Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton‘s democratic electoral campaign statement that Israel and certain Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States should be given deterrence against a possible Iranian attack.

“Iran must know that an attack on Israel will draw a massive response,” said Clinton.

Accompanying the nuclear umbrella would be a new and improved Israeli anti-ballistic missile system which the U.S. George W. Bush administration kicked off by deploying an early-warning radar system in Israel’s Negev desert. This system upgrades Israel’s ability to detect Iranian ballistic missiles.

Read the Full Article Here!

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The Abrahamic Religions – An Alternative to War

Middle East Times | Special Report | by Claude Salhani (MET, editor)

Religion throughout the ages has been the catalyst of numerous wars, conflicts, civil wars and ethno-political violence. In all probability more people have been killed in the name of God than for any political cause. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use religion as a means to combat conflict.

None of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity or Islam – known as the Abrahamic religions as all three derive from Abraham, or Ibrahim in Arabic – are immune to having been at one time or another responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, if not more.

In a special report published by the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP), Continue Reading Here!

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The Union of Orthodox Citizens offers to celebrate World War I

InterFax | Moscow | Nov. 11 2008

The Union of Orthodox Citizens offers to celebrate the 90th anniversary of World War I nationally

The Union of Orthodox Citizens has offered to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I on November 11.

“This war gave an example of self-sacrifice of Russian people for deep Orthodox values, and an example of considered national life,” the head of the Union Moscow division Kirill Frolov told Interfax-Religion.

According to him, this was a patriotic war for Russia as “our country offered a sacrifice to save Orthodox peoples of Serbia and Greece.” According to Frolov, those who perished in the war could be considered “martyrs.”

Besides, the Union representative said this date should be celebrated nationally “to realize who, why and what for stole victory from Russia, as this victory would have settled our country’s historic, geopolitical and civilizational tasks.”

“People who betrayed faith and Motherland, who took “thirty pieces of silver” from German General Headquarters to stop Russia, people whose hand are in blood of new martyrs – the Bolsheviks – should be finally condemned, even though posthumously, as criminals,” the interviewee of the agency thinks.

Streets of Russian cities should be named after “heroes of World War I instead of the traitors,” he went on to say.

The Union Head urged to realize that “Bolsheviks would have done nothing if our people hadn’t had a crisis of faith, a “collapse” of churchism and morals.”

“We need a powerful, missionary active Church not to allow the same again,” Frolov believes.

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Does European Social Democracy have a Future?

Dissent Online | by Robert Taylor

(excerpted) A  luxurious hotel in rural Hertfordshire on the outskirts of London might seem a surprising venue for a conference of the world’s self-declared progressives. But members of the democratic center-left power elites, mainly from Europe, but with a sprinkling from Latin America and elsewhere, were in residence this spring to discuss the theme of “An Inclusive Globalisation; Promoting Prosperity for All.”

The mood of the well-heeled participants was surprisingly upbeat and complacent. The social democrats of the world seem still to believe they remain a political force to be reckoned with.

It is true that participants like Kevin Rudd, the recently elected Australian Labour prime minister, joined by his counterparts Helen Clark from New Zealand and the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, could point to the recent electoral success of their respective parties. But many of the policy professionals and functionaries from the ranks of European social democracy were deceiving themselves if they really believed the once confident, optimistic political ideology that did so much to bring about a prolonged period of unparalleled prosperity and peace in the western part of the continent after the end of the Second World War is still triumphant.

The demise of European social democracy has come suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly. As Roger Liddle from Policy Network, the New Labour think tank that organized the Hertfordshire conference, has pointed out, as recently as 2000 no fewer than eleven out of the then fifteen European Union member states had social democratic or center-left prime ministers. Today there are only four.

Electoral setbacks for social democrats in Europe cannot be dismissed as the temporary result of fickle and volatile voters who will return to the fold in due course. The truth is that social democrats are now very much on the ideological defensive. This does not mean, however, that the axis of political advantage has tilted inexorably rightward in any dramatic way. On the contrary, what should concern social democrats is the unexpected emergence of what looks like a serious threat from new forces to their left.   Read Entire Article

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Catholic Archbishop Pens His Own “Das Kapital”

DW-World-de | Deutsch Welle | by DW Staff (cat)

A Catholic archbishop in Germany introduced his own “Das Kapital” — an attack on capitalistic excesses — to reporters Wednesday.

Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich is not related to 19th-century communist founding father Karl Marx, but the clergyman’s surname draws wonderment and wisecracks wherever he goes.


Despite the similar nomenclature, Marx says readers should not expect a defense of communism in this new book. Instead, the Roman Catholic archbishop who is the most outspoken of Germany’s 27 diocesan leaders in his criticism of big business, says that his work is to some extent “an argument with Marxism.”


The book begins as a letter addressed to his “dear namesake.”


“The consequences,” he tells the 19th-century ideologist, “of your thinking were disastrous.”


Social teaching in a globalized world

The modern-day Marx demands that the whole world adopt a market economy that is kinder to the weak and downtrodden instead of “heaping even more rewards on those who behave immorally.”


“That’s not utopia. It’s a necessity for the sake of humans,” said Marx in Munich.


The 300-page book, “Das Kapital: A Plea for Man”, deliberately borrows its title from the “bible” of communism in which Karl Marx claimed 140 years ago that capitalism would automatically collapse.


With this new book, however, Marx intends to highlight the value of Catholic social teaching in a globalized world.


“Capitalism without humanity, solidarity and justice has no morals and no future,” Marx writes.


He said we need to take a fresh look at social justice, or the world might veer back to dangerous ideologies such as Marxism.

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Union of Orthodox Citizens Wants the Foreign Ministry to Publish a Report on the Freedom of Religion in the World

Moscow, 30 September 2008 (Interfax):

The Union of Orthodox Citizens* urged the Foreign Ministry to conduct its own assessment of the state of the freedom of conscience globally and publish an annual report, just as the US State Department does. “We urge the Russian Foreign Ministry not to limit itself to criticism of the US State Department, but, to produce its own report on the observance of human rights and freedom of conscience globally, especially on the post-Soviet space”, the Moscow branch of the Union said in a statement made available to Interfax-Religion on Tuesday. Read the Full Article.

* The above mentioned “Union of Orthodox Citizens” is an organization originating in Russia and expanded into the Ukraine. In Georgia a pro-Georgian group with the same name exists. We here, the American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens have no affiliation or alliance with these foreign Unions and we often are in disagreement with them.  –Praxis editor.

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