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Life at Conception Act Re-introduced

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an attempt to protect the unborn by resolving the question of when life begins, U.S. Sens. Jim Inhofe, (R-Okla.), Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), John Thune (R-S.D.), David Vitter (R-La.), and George Voinovich (R-Ohio), have re-introduced the Life at Conception Act, legislation that declares that life begins at conception and the unborn to be “persons” under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Sen. Jim Inhofe said, “Our government has both a moral and constitutional obligation to protect the sanctity of human life…. [Go here to read the complete article]

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Ideas for Obama: White House Summit on Abortion Reduction

America Magazine Online | 2008-12-17 | Michael Sean Winters

The President-Elect needs to focus like a laser on the economic crisis once he takes office next month. Not only is there a great deal of human suffering wrapped inside the rising unemployment numbers, but a host of other governmental challenges become more difficult the longer the economic downturn continues. The federal deficit, the solvency of entitlement programs, health care reform, all become more intractable every day the economy is in recession.

But, it is a mistake to think that the economy is the only issue voters care about and it would be a mistake for Obama to entirely neglect other issues. For Catholics – to be more precise, for centrist Catholics who voted Republican in the previous two election cycles but for Obama this time – the economy was certainly a concern. But, many of those Catholic swing voters were only willing to give Obama a hearing on the economy because he had convinced them he was serious about another issue of importance to them: reducing the abortion rate. A group of prominent and not-so prominent pro-life Catholics went to the mat for Obama, starting with Professor Doug Kmiec, and the administration cannot simply throw them under the bus.

Make no mistake: Obama’s initial actions on the abortion issue will not be pro-life. While concern about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) was mostly a scare tactic employed by GOP operatives (the bill has no chance of passing), Obama will undoubtedly rescind the Mexico City gag rule which prevents agencies that receive federal funding from counseling about abortion services. This and a few other marginal changes can be enacted by executive order. Obama is pro-choice and there is no finessing the point.

But, he can twin his pro-choice executive orders with a call for an abortion reduction summit at the White House for the fall of 2009. The timing provides him eight months of undiluted focus on the economy. He can appoint prominent pro-life Democrats to….Read the Full Article Here!

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Should Congress Provide Abortions?

The State of America | February 10, 2008 | Daniel Downs

According Samantha Singson, Director of Government Relations at the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, International Planned Parenthood Federation has been campaigning to stop all funding for abstinence education and to convince lawmakers to attach funding for abortion to HIV-Aids programs. With the help of Congressional Democrats, they might succeed.

In her last Friday Fax report, Singson wrote, “Congress began consideration this week to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a $50 billion pot of money. The draft bill, sponsored by Tom Lantos (D-CA) guts funding for abstinence programs and shifts the focus of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to family planning which will open up the proposed $50 billion program to abortion groups now barred due to the U.S. Mexico City policy.”

Read the Full Article Here!

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Abortion Reduction Has Its Day

The Third Way | Dispatch | Monday July 23, 2007

by Rachel Laser

The Democrats are showing signs of change on abortion. Yesterday, the Democratically controlled House easily passed an appropriations bill that contains a major – and brand new – abortion initiative. But unlike Democratic abortion bills of yore, this one brings together both sides of the debate and is aimed squarely at abortion reduction.

This “Reducing the Need for Abortions Initiative,” which grew out of a bill crafted by Tim Ryan (pro-life D-OH) and Rosa DeLauro (pro-choice D-CT) passed as part of the FY 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education funding bill. It invests real money – $647 million – in reducing the need for abortion by funding programs that address the circumstances that lead to abortion. It contains provisions that prevent unintended pregnancies, such as increasing the funding for the nation’s only dedicated family planning program (Title X) and also creates and funds a new teen pregnancy prevention program at CDC. At the same time, it includes measures designed to help support pregnant women and new families who need more support to go forward with their pregnancies, such as increased funding for child care, after-school programs, and nurse home visitation programs for new moms. It also funds an adoption awareness campaign at CDC and domestic violence prevention.

In proposing and then passing this bill, the Democrats have made a bold new statement about their changed outlook on abortion. Continue Reading Here!

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DFLA Announces Endorsed Candidates

DFLA Press Release | Received October 24, 2008

Washington, DC – October 22, 2008 – Democrats For Life of America is proud to announce our endorsements for the U.S Senate and House.  Pro-life Democrats are pulling up in the polls in both the federal and state level.  We are proud of the candidates listed below and are confident that they will all work hard to promote and pass legislation that will protect life at all stages.  Importantly, we hope they will swell the ranks of our current pro-life members who are so dedicated to protecting pro-life issues in the Congress including Congressmen Altmire, Berry, Boren, Costello, Cuellar, Davis, Donnelly, Ellsworth, Holden, Kildee, Lipinski, Marshall, McIntyre, Melancon, Mollohan, Murtha, Oberstar, Ortiz, Peterson, Rahall, Skelton, Shuler, Stupak, Taylor and Wilson.

US Senate – Ronnie Musgrove (MS) (DFLA Priority Candidate) 

Mississippi Governor since 2000, Ronnie Musgrove now challenges Republican Roger Wicker, who assumed Republican Trent Lott’s Senate seat when he resigned in December 2007. There is no clear favorite in this race.  Musgrove’s statewide recognition could be the key to removing this seat from the Republicans.  Also, his strong pro-life record will help in this pro-life state.  As a State Senator, he supported a 24-hour waiting period before a women could obtain an abortion and to require those performing more than 5 abortions a month to be licensed as abortion clinics.  As Governor of Mississippi, Musgrove signed a bill to ban public funding of abortion. He would be a welcome addition to the U.S. Senate for pro-lifeDemocraticSenators Ben Nelson and Bob Casey.     

U.S. House Races

Bobby Bright (AL-02, open seat) DFLA Priority Candidate!
Bobby Bright was elected Mayor of the City of Montgomery, Alabama in 1999 and has been re-elected twice. He now challenges Republican candidate Jay Love for the 2nd Congressional District seat of retiring Republican Terry Everett. Although Love has a small lead in the polls, Bright could be the Democrat to challenge the area’s Republican tradition. A poll that John Anzalone conducted for Bright’s campaign shows that he has a strong lead among independents (51% to 37%). He has the support of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition and has made financial security a core feature of his campaign.
Parker Griffith (AL-05, open seat)  (DFLA endorsed)
With Democrat Robert E. “Bud” Cramer retiring from the 5th Congressional District, pro-life Democrat Parker Griffith hopes to defeat Republican challenger Wayne Parker and keep the district Democratic. Griffith has the advantage of Cramer’s popularity and Parker’s previous failed attempts in 1994 and 1996 to gain the seat. The race is close in funding and polling, with no clear lead. A former teacher and now a medical doctor, Griffith has the support of Alabama’s State Fraternal Order of Police and the testimony of dozens of former patients.  He says he is pro-life because as a doctor he has spent his “entire career as North Alabama’s first Radiation Oncologist trying to saves lives” and he “understands how precious life is.”
Doug Heckman (GA-07) (DFLA endorsed)
Doug Heckman challenges incumbent Republican Rep. John Linder for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District seat. Linder has held that position since 1992.   Doug, a West Point graduate, currently serves as a special forces colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.  He was endorsed by General Wesley Clark.
Mike Montagano (IN-03) (DFLA endorsed)
Although earlier polls favor incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Souder to win Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, recent news that most undecided voters do not identify as Republican is good news for challenger Mike Montagano.  Montagano recently aired a commercial (which can be viewed here) where he explicitly highlights his pro-life beliefs.  For that reason, he is faring well against the Republican candidate.  Increasing name-recognition and advertising will be key as the election draws near. Recent polls put him within 5 points of the Republican incumbent, a gap that can easily be closed.
David Boswell (KY-02, open seat) DFLA Priority Candidate!
After more than 30 years of public service, State Senator David Boswell of Owensboro, Kentucky is running for the open seat of retiring Republican Representative Ron Lewis of Congressional District 2. In addition to a good reputation and the respect of State Senators from both parties, Boswell enjoys strong support from his own party, having won all 21 counties in the primary. Kentucky has a long Democratic tradition, and in 2007 Democrat Steve Beshear defeated incumbent Republican Ernie Fletcher to become governor. In a campaign poll conducted October 8-9, Boswell maintained a small lead over opponent Brett Guthrie (41% to 40%). As for voter perceptions of the candidates, Boswell has a significant advantage: more than two-to-one voters who know Boswell view him positively, whereas Guthrie’s margin is barely favorable. The Boswell campaign considers him “poised to win” with “solid prospects of victory.”
John Milkovich (LA-04, open seat) (DFLA Endorsed)
Sadly, DFLA-endorsed John Milkovich has dropped out of the Democratic primary race for Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. Runoff elections will take place on November 4th for a general election on December 6th. Paul Carmouche leads with 48% over Willie Banks at 23%. Both pro-life Democrats, the winner will face either John Fleming or Chris Gorman on the Republican ticket in a district that has favored Republicans. May the best pro-life Democrat win!
Don Cazayoux (LA-06) (DLFA endorsed)
Pro-life Democrat Don Cazayoux won a May 3, 2008 special election to gain Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. In the conservative-leaning Baton Rouge area, Cazayoux was a strong candidate in part because of his economic platform and his pro-life committment. A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll conducted October 8-9 shows Cazayoux with a lead of 46% compared to Republican challenger state Sen. Bill Cassidy’s 29% and independent state Rep. Michael Jackson’s 9%. Jackson lost to Cazayoux in the Democratic primary and poses a threat to securing the vote of African Americans, who represent one-third of district residents. Cazayoux will need to emphasize his approval ratings and performance this year to beat Cassidy’s strong campaign and minimize Jackson’s impact.                      
Joseph Larkin (MI-11) (DFLA Endoresed)
Lawyer Joseph Larkin faces incumbent Republican Thaddeus McCotter, who has represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional District since 2002. Although McCotter is confident that he will win, Larkin has the support of several workers’ associations. Larkin also supports term limitations and advocates a “citizen Congress” rather than career politicians.
Travis Childers (MS-01) (DFLA endorsed)
In a surprise win May 13, Travis Childers won a special election to replace Republican Rep. Roger Wickers in representing the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi. Since then, Childers’ rating among voters has remained strong. He defeated Republican Mayor of Southaven Greg Davis in May by eight points and is poised to defeat him again. Thus far, Davis has been unable to convince voters to return the seat to Republican representation in a race that now leans Democratic.                    
Jim Esch (NE-02) DFLA Priority Candidate!
In his second run for political office, pro-life Democrat Jim Esch is challenging Republican incumbent Lee Terry to represent Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District. The district includes the core of the Omaha metropolitan area, Nebraska’s Democratic base and home to three-fourths of the state’s growing African American population. In the 2006 Senate race, pro-life Democratic Senator Ben Nelson won the District’s Douglas County by over 30%, a good sign for Esch. An Anzalone-Liszt poll conducted October 13-15 shows Esch and Terry in a dead heat, with Terry’s approval rating in decline. Esch leads 51% to 41% with voters who have not registered with either party. Although the district has leaned Republican in the past, the margin of support for Republicans has diminished, and polls reveal a close Presidential race.  High voter turnout could swing this district blue.
Steve Driehaus (OH-01) DFLA Priority Candidate!                               
After three terms as a moderate Democrat in the Ohio House, Steve Driehaus is running against 1st Congressional District incumbent Republican Steve Chabot. Although Chabot has already served seven terms, his win in 2006 was his narrowest. The current political environment strongly favors Democrats, and high spending from both campaigns demonstrates that this race is tight. Driehaus emphasizes his fiscal conservatism and his previous efforts in the state legislature to address the foreclosure crisis. An independent Research 2000 poll shows Driehaus with a 46% to 44% lead against Chabot. A greater turnout among Democratic voters during this year’s presidential election could be the boost Driehaus needs to end Chabot’s tenure.
Bill O’Neill (OH-14) (DFLA endorsed)
Although Republican Steven C. LaTourette survived his party’s battering in 2006, in Bill O’Neill he faces the toughest challenge in his seven terms as Representative of Ohio’s 14th Congressional District. O’Neill is a former state appellate judge, a nurse on weekends and evenings, and a single father who has raised his four children since their mother’s death in an automobile accident in 1995. LaTourette is favored, but O’Neill has raised more money than previous Democratic opponents.  He could pull of a victory.
Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03) DFLA Priority Candidate!
Republican incumbent Phil English is running for an eighth term in Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District. After a mediocre win against a weak candidate during his last race, Democrats have high hopes that English’s days representing Erie and greater northwestern Pennsylvania are numbered. Dahlkemper has proven her commitment to improving the industrial region’s economy, earning an endorsement from Erie’s General Electric Union and many other unions and workers’ organizations. Union representatives have spoken out in support of Dahlkemper and against English’s poor record on trade, wages, and other issues relevant to workers. The numbers testify to Dahlkemper’s strength: an independent Research 2000 poll from October 6-8 showed her leading with 48% to English’s 41%, with even greater support for Dahlkemper (57% to 31%) in English’s home base of Erie County. With a mid-month endorsement from fellow Democrat Senator Robert Casey, Jr., Dahlkemper’s victory is in sight.


Democrats for Life


Kristen Day

Executive Director 
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Who says the Left is not Pro-Life?

The Left does not care for the rights of the unborn? Obama is a raging abortionist? Such are the rants from the militant Right in our nation. They scare me! Fact is Sen. Obama has a plan to reduce unwanted pregnancies in this country. This is a far more progressive step towards eliminating abortion than the Republicans and the right-wing Pro-Life Movement have. With the advocacy of the Democrats for Life and with Barak Obama as president America will finally be far closer to reducing abortions which is a step…no! it will be a leap towards eliminating abortion as we know it.

Here is the proposal of The Democrats For Life:

The 95-10 Initiative

A comprehensive plan that will reduce the number of abortions by 95% in the next 10 years by promoting abstinence, personal responsibility, adoptions and support for women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancy. The 95-10 Initiative seeks to reduce the number of abortions in America through Federal, state and local efforts as well as support and encouragement to volunteers and dedicated people on the front lines helping pregnant women. Much attention has been given to ending abortion or keeping it legal. We believe that we must do more to reduce the abortion rate by helping and supporting pregnant women.

Preventing pregnancy is an important part of reducing the abortion rate in America. There are several ways to address prevention, but there is no clear consensus because of ethical, religious or personal reasons. There are several bills before Congress that address pregnancy prevention. While we have not endorsed a particular bill, we support finding the most effective way to reduce unplanned pregnancies. We cannot deny that abstinence is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy, but we also cannot turn our heads and pretend that our children are not engaging in risky behavior or the fact that contraception is not 100 percent effective. The Federal government has made a commitment to support prevention efforts and allocated a record $288.3 million in FY 2005 for family planning under title X. The program provides access to contraceptive supplies and information to all who want and need them. A priority is given to low-income persons.

Pregnant women who wish to carry their children to term have not received that same commitment from the Federal government. We support helping pregnant women who wish to carry their children to term but because of lack of resources believe abortion is their only option. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-TN) and Pro-life Democrats in Congress who share this same commitment have introduced the Pregnant Women Support Act (S. 2407 and H.R. 3192) in the U.S Senate and U.S House. The legislation is a comprehensive approach to provide support for pregnant women who want to carry their child to term.

Some of the programs included are:

· establish a toll-free number to direct women to places that will provide support;

· collect accurate data on why women choose abortion;

· provide Pregnancy Counseling and Childcare on University Campuses;

· provide accurate information to patients receiving a positive result from prenatal testing;

· provide counseling in maternity group homes;

· increase the adoption tax credit and it permanent

· eliminate pregnancy as a pre-existing condition with respect to health care;

· provide grants for ultrasound equipment;

· support informed consent for Abortion Services;

· increase awareness about violence against pregnant women;

· require the SCHIP to cover pregnant women and unborn children;

· provide free home visits by registered nurses for new mothers.

Finally, we must protect our children by passing the Child Custody Protection Act, continue to promote Safe Haven laws and support funding programs as the Abandoned Infants Assistance. Democrats For Life of America, 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, South Building, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20004 202.220.3066

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