The nomenclature “The American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens”, and the AUOCC logo are ServiceMarks of The American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens. All rights auocc-2logoreserved according to all applicable international and American laws covering protections of intellectual and creative works.

Praxis blog offers a digest of various articles found elsewhere on the internet. Such articles are excerpted and provided with a link to the original source where the reader may read these articles in their entirety. Copyright belongs to either the respective authors and/or the publishing source from which the articles were found.

Any entries or comments on this blog that are ‘signed’ or otherwise attributed to AUOCC are the property of The American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens and are (c) Copyright protected according to all applicable domestic and international laws.

We welcome Reader’s Comments.

We must, however, first clarify that, unless an article is signed by or otherwise attributed to AUOCC, the article does not originate with us. We recommend to readers to follow the associated links that typically appear at the end of the excerpted article found on Praxis with “Read the Full Article” or “Continue Reading Here“. If a reader has questions regarding the article’s content please direct those questions to the original website from which we at AUOCC had obtained the article.

Fraternally in service to you through Christ our Lord,


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